Turning Yard Sale Finds Into Profit

Shop Yard Sales From Home

It can be hard to get to every yard sale in town on a Saturday morning. That’s why the smart yard sale shopper does as much of their browsing as possible from home before hitting the streets. With the internet, yard sale buyers ┬áhave a great tool for saving gas and annoyance with arriving at sub-par sales.


Laptop-ComputerYour Saturday morning beat should begin by Thursday at the latest. More and more sale holders are posting major items they are selling along with the general categories of merchandise they have. A lot of sales that begin Friday or Saturday are advertised starting on Wednesday or Thursday. Since Craigslist is free to advertise with, many people will put an ad in each day until their sale starts. The smart ones will include different items they will have for sale each day they put the ad in.

Other advertising outlets in your area should be checked as well. Many cities have local thrifty ads and there is always the local newspaper. Most of these have an online component that you can access but even getting a physical copy can be useful to your at-home investigation.

Scanning yard sales for your area on Craigslist will yield descriptions of items, pictures and even phone numbers. If the poster of the ad includes a phone number or email address it means that they are willing to take a call or message. Use this to your advantage by getting a head start on the competition. You might even get the opportunity to have a private viewing of the merchandise before the rest of the masses have their turn.

Even without contact information you can send an email to the poster through Craigslist. You might score some early-bird deals but be warned: many people do not want to be bothered before a sale. It is hard work to get ready for yard sales and most can’t take the pressure of buyers pressing them to sell before the sale.

OK, now it is your turn! The next time you plan on hitting the weekend sales hit the computer and papers first to get ahead of the game and score the best deals.

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