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Great US 50 Yard Sale Spans The Nation

US highway 50

The Great US 50 Yard Sale is in its 13th year and is still going strong. Spanning from coast to coast along the historic US highway 50 the sale provides a nation-wide venue for anyone wanting to make a few dollars. It is also a great opportunity for anyone wanting to make a few deals.

The sale is held the weekend before Memorial day and this year will run from May 18 through May 20. Being a non-sponsored event the organization of the sale is loose to say the least. Anyone is encouraged to set up shop with the only stipulation being compliance with all local, state and federal laws. There are some counties along the route that organize the event for their area.

For more information about the sale and to identify county contacts for areas of interest you can visit http://www.route50.com/yardsale.html . If you make it to the event this year or have gone in years past let us know your experiences and tell us about any deals you got.

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